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Scotia Patterns Ltd. was established in 1969, as a supplier of quality tooling for the foundry industry. Tooling consists of wood, plastic and metal patterns, either cast or machined. Shortly after, we entered into the production of aluminum moulds for many of the plastic industries. Rotational and vacuum moulds were a couple of forming methods used to produce parts at the time. Today, we manufacture aluminum vacuum, rotational, injection, and blow moulds as well as cast iron/tool steel dies for many different industries.

With technological advances in manufacturing we are also able to produce moulds from CAD files provided by the customer, and using up to date CAD/CAM software we can ensure that our clients get exactly what they design. This also allows us to maintain close tolerances and specifications throughout the manufacturing process.

As a sister company, Bram Castings Ltd was established in 1994 in response to a growing customer demand for a full service foundry facility, able to produce consistent, quality aluminum castings. We are currently producing castings with the most commonly used alloys, such as:

- A356.2 heat treatable alloy
- 713.1 tensalloy self aging alloy
- Almag 35 corrosion resistant alloy
- 319

All alloys are colour coded to prevent any contamination.

Scotia Patterns and Bram Castings have been suppliers to many reputable companies for decades, and plan to be for many more years. If we can supply your company in any way, donít hesitate to contact us.

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