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Bram Castings Ltd.

Bram Castings has been growing into a “one stop shop” for our clients’ casting needs. We give our customers a full array of casting services with all they need, controlled in one facility. From raw castings to fully machined parts we will provide you with everything you require.

Our services are listed below:
- Single castings up to 1300 lbs.
- Small prototype runs
- Green sand castings
- Permanent mould castings
- No bake moulds / Pep set moulds
- Shell cores / CO2 cores
- Full machining
- Pangborn rotoblast finishing
- Vibra finishing
- Heat treating is outsourced to a reputable supplier
- We are currently producing castings with the following alloys:
- A356.2 heat treatable alloy
- 713.1 tensalloy self aging alloy
- Almag 35 corrosion resistant alloy
- 319

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